Love Your Beauty!

Makeup is my passion…

It’s more than just makeup though. It’s about Glamour and beauty. It’s my way of expressing myself through color.

I believe you and I are colorful people and that we have layers to our personality. My vision is always to help you (my client) express your most beautiful layer.

This has been my life for the past 11 years as a professional makeup artist.

Being able to work with people everyday in this way is just amazing. I find it fun to socialize, connect and help people. I love to make friends while doing what I love…it’s truly satisfying.

Who inspires me and my work…

I’m inspired by beautiful people with a flair for uniqueness and creativity. I keep up with fashion trends and beauty. I have several style icons which I simply adore.

I Love the Kardashians, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce because their style, fashion and makeup is…

  • bold,
  • classic and
  • trendy…in a big way.

And they’re not skinny which makes them more relate-able to most of us…including myself! lol

My signature style of makeup is Hollywood Glam as I create a face inspired by the cities of New York and L.A!

Beautiful and never too much…

I believe if you’re going to wear makeup, do your face justice and enhance your features with absolute love. Makeup is such an individual thing yet so versatile…it allows woman of all races and color to express who they truly are.

I personally feel you’re not fully dressed without your makeup as it finishes your look as would a pair of shoes.

I love everything about makeup. For over 100 years woman have been exposed to thousands of fab products and amazing reinvention happens all the time.

I never get bored.

Love what I do…


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