The Look You’ll Love. Makeup That “Sticks”!

Bridal Makeup Port Elizabeth

Welcome…the Bride-to-be!

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. There is no room for error, right?

The special day needs to be perfect. Everything from the…

  • Decor and venue,
  • Cake and catering,
  • Invites and guest list,
  • Dress to shoes,
  • Bride’s maids to groomsmen, and of course
  • Hair and makeup.

No wonder you feel so stressed!

I’m here to help ease your mind…


Know for certain that your makeup WILL stay on through to the end of your special day!


Consistency between your Trial & Wedding Day makeup. No unwanted changes.


I’ll advise on best timing & be punctual on your wedding day.

Guarantee: If I don’t pitch (which will never happen unless I’m in hospital or something!) then I will pay YOU the full bill (whatever price we agreed upon).

At the end of the day all you want is to have a smooth and highly memorable wedding day.

It’s all about…

  • Feeling confident walking down the isle
  • Blowing away the groom and your guests with your beauty
  • Knowing that any picture taken is a great picture
  • Feeling like you’re the best bride with Bridal Makeup Port Elizabeth
  • Feeling like a princess or even a queen
  • Being able to show off your memories later on
  • and more…

My mission is to help you get that. I also make sure that your bridal makeup is on trend. You’ll be a modern day bride with your own twist…unless you want otherwise of course!

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